Driving Instructor St. Albans – “Amazing! Enjoyable Experience!” says Jessica

Driving Instructor St Albans Herts - Jessica Culnane

After two unsuccessful attempts at passing her driving test with a different driving instructor, you wouldn’t blame Jessica Culnane from St. Albans, if she was frustrated and ready to give up. 

Once the Hertfordshire resident switched to her new instructor, Alec with Driving Memories, she not only mastered the art and skill of being a safe and competent driver, she also enjoyed the experience of learning to drive – which is what Driving Memories aims to deliver for every pupil.

Promise of “Fun” Delivered. 100%.

“Alec was a very fun and kind instructor,” said Jessica. “He was very good at teaching driving, and made it an enjoyable experience.”

When you choose Driving Memories to help you learn how to drive, you don’t just get to learn an important skill – the driving school promises a unique and memorable experience too.

“Learning to drive is something you only do once – and it’s a vital skill to have if you live in St. Albans,” explained Alec from Driving Memories. “Everybody has the chance to enjoy that training and have fun while they learn.”

She impressively passed her driving test at Borehamwood DTC on the 25th of February, with only 3 driver faults – and on her first attempt after training with Alec.

“Jessica did brilliantly!” said Alec. “She was even complimented by the examiner who thanked her for such a ‘lovely drive’. That doesn’t often happen.

New Driving Instructor Was The Right Prescription

“She was such a pleasure to teach,” Alec continued. “She had a bad experience with her previous instructor, and I was more than happy to restore her confidence and help her pass the driving test. 

“Every pupil has different strengths and weakness; everybody is different.” Alec explained. “Jessica just needed an instructor who understood what concerned her and then I taught her accordingly.

“Everybody can learn to drive,” said Alec. “Choosing the appropriate driving instructor is the right prescription.”

Jessica couldn’t be happier with the results she achieved with Alec. She’s also excited about getting to experience her new found freedom of having a license. 

“It feels AMAZING to have passed my driving test! I can’t wait to finally be able to drive to see my friends that live far away.”

Alec’s unique method of teaching was very different from what Jessica was used to with her previous instructor. 

Built Confidence To Overcome Challenges – Like Roundabouts!

“Alec gave me a much more in-depth teaching of the road. He explained what to do and gave me confidence,” Jessica said. “My biggest challenges to driving was overcoming roundabouts, hesitation and learning how to better observe and pay attention.

“Alec’s teaching method helped me overcome all of my problems that my previous instructor couldn’t help me with.”

“Congratulations on passing your test, Jessica!” Alec said. “Stay safe on the road.”