Driving Instructor St. Albans – “Amazing! Enjoyable Experience!” says Jessica

Driving Instructor St Albans Herts - Jessica Culnane

After two unsuccessful attempts at passing her driving test with a different driving instructor, you wouldn’t blame Jessica Culnane from St. Albans, if she was frustrated and ready to give up. 

Once the Hertfordshire resident switched to her new instructor, Alec with Driving Memories, she not only mastered the art and skill of being a safe and competent driver, she also enjoyed the experience of learning to drive – which is what Driving Memories aims to deliver for every pupil.… Read more

Driving Lessons St. Albans – “Much Easier To Understand Than Last Driving Instructor” Says Emily

Driving Lessons St Albans

Emily Morrow from St. Albans has every right to be very happy because she has just passed her driving test at the Borehamwood DTC.

“I’m relieved,” said Emily outside Borehamwood Driving Test Centre. “Now I will be able to travel to work much quicker and be able to be much more independent.”

Emily passed her driving test with Alec and Driving Memories on her second attempt.… Read more