Driving Lessons Borehamwood – “Simply Fantastic Driving Instructor, Lots of Fun!” Says Dr Sharma

Driving Lessons Borehamwood

Dr. Sonal Sharma achieved one more qualification today – by passing her driving test on the second attempt at Borehamwood DTC with only 8 driver faults.

“It feels amazing,” said Dr. Sharma after passing her driving test. “It’s fabulous!”

Dr. Sharma already had a full drivers licence from India, however she needed a UK driving licence to help further her career here.

“Now I can drive around – and get a new car!!” said Dr. Sharma.

It wasn’t all plain sailing though.

Parallel Parking Nightmare

“I was not confident and hesitated to drive,” explained Dr. Sharma. “I thought parallel parking was a nightmare.”

With help from Alec, her driving instructor at Driving Memories, the stuff of nightmares was replaced with a great and enjoyable experience.

“Alec is simply fantastic,” said Dr. Sharma. “He made me feel confident and taught me how to drive safely, adding lots of fun!!”


And she’s very enthusiastic about recommending Driving Memories to anyone looking for a great driving instructor.

“Alec has excellent teaching ability, he’s very patient. He understands your weaknesses and acts on them, tweaking them accordingly.”

“Thanks Sonal,” said Alec. “You did great, and you were a pleasure to teach. I wish you many years of safe and happy driving.”