Driving Lessons in Hatfield – “Amazing Driving Instructor!” Says Temi

Driving Lessons in Hatfield

After passing his practical driving test today at Borehamwood DTC, Temi Ariyo from Hatfield is now looking forward to a new career as an emergency paramedic ambulance driver – thanks to his driving lessons with Driving Memories.

Moving From Automatic To Manual

Temi already had an automatic-only driving licence, and came to Driving Memories for lessons to re-train on a manual, so that he could get a fully unrestricted driving licence and join the emergency services.

“It feels very amazing to have passed my driving test,” said Temi outside the driving test centre. “As an ambulance driver, I need to drive carefully and safely on the road.”

“Temi was a pleasure to re-train,” said Alec, his driving instructor with Driving Memories. “Temi could not drive an ambulance with a restricted, automatic-only driving licence.

“Temi passed his test on the second attempt with me, getting just 2 driver faults. Well done Temi!”

A big chunk of those 20 hours of driving lessons for Temi focused on getting comfortable with the clutch and gears, after years only driving automatic vehicles.

Losing Bad Driving Habits

“But some of that time,” explained Alec, “was spent teaching Temi new habits, and getting rid of some old ones.”

“My biggest challenge was taking away my had habits when driving, but Alec helped me get there,” said Temi.

Praise & Recommendation

Temi has nothing but praise for Alec’s training during his driving lessons.

“Alec is a very amazing driving instructor,” said Temi. “He’s very chatty but very good at getting you right to where you need to be with good driving on the road.

I would recommend him to my friends and family. He’s the best driving instructor. Very funny and amazing sense of humour.”

“Thank you, Temi,” said Alec. “I wish you every success in your new career, and many years of safe and happy motoring.”