Driving Instructor in Friern Barnet – “Brilliant! Moved me from mental block to first time driving test pass!” says Andrew

Andrew Layton from Friern Barnet started his 2019 New Year off by accomplishing a major milestone – passing his driving test on the first attempt, with only 8 driver faults – on 3rd of January 2019 at Borehamwood Driving Test Centre. Well done Andrew!

With the newly acquired freedom and independence that comes with having a driver’s license, the Friern Barnet resident’s life has not only become much easier and convenient, but more exciting too. 

“I can now travel to work easier and share driving with my girlfriend. I’ll also be driving around New Zealand on an upcoming trip,” said Andrew.

“And, as the head of P.E. at Yavneh College in Borehamwood,” explained Andrew’s driving instructor, Alec, “he won’t have to run to work any more!”

After putting off learning to drive for years, like many others, Andrew began to believe he would never be able to drive.

Overcoming a Mental Block

“I had built a bit of a mental block. However, my driving instructor, Alec, was so supportive and instantly made me feel comfortable at the wheel. He was able to relate the situations that appeared on the road to my profession to make it easier for me to understand.” 

Learning to drive does not come without its challenges and hurdles. But, the key is having the right guidance to help you succeed. 

“My biggest challenge was gear changes and approach speed,” said Andrew. “Alec helped me to calm down when I made mistakes. He gave honest and constructive feedback on a regular basis which aided my progress. He built my confidence up, which enabled me to go out and drive in all weathers, even recent snow.” 

Seeing Andrew as a happy and confident driver – especially considering his mental block when he first started – demonstrates a massive transformation in his ability and his confidence.

Thanks and Recommendation

“Alec is brilliant. For someone like me who has put off driving for years, Alec made me extremely comfortable and relaxed when driving and communicated with me effectively. I can’t thank him enough for getting me to pass my driving test!

“I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to learn to drive – and drive well!”