Driving Instructor in Pinner – “I passed and I am no easy pupil!” says Ellen

Congratulations to Ellen Rose Senior who passed her driving test at Pinner Driving Test Centre on Monday 8th October 2018.

Ellen passed with only 3 driver faults and now plans to use her driving licence to get her to work every day.

“It feels fab!” said Ellen.

When asked why her friends should also choose Alec as her driving instructor, she said, “I passed and I am no easy pupil!”

Roundabouts were Ellen’s sticking point. Alec helped Ellen overcome this by taking her to practice on lots of roundabouts.

“It did take a few lessons to get used to Alec’s style,” explained Ellen, “but he listened to my feedback. By the end, I really enjoyed his lessons. Thank you Alec.”

Well done Ellen. Happy and safe driving.